Picture Perfect

Did you know that the first thing a potential customer will notice when glancing at any marketing materials is a photo? Yep, whether it is on a website, social media post, online advertising, print ad or brochure, photos are what grabs our attention and draws us in the most. 

And who better to take those photos than professionals who have specialized in online marketing for well over a decade? Hosting NSB knows what buttons to push when it comes to marketing and they know photography – an excellent mix which culminates in extremely effective marketing endeavors.

The equipment at Hosting NSB is pretty snazzy too! Currently, Hosting NSB photographers take digital photos with a Canon 10D. This particular camera offers flexible parameters, an orientation sensor, improved focus and white balance features, resulting in versatile range and flawless reproduction.

Our visual sense is a very powerful one – tempting us with colors and tantalizing images. The general public, which uploads over 100 million photos on Instagram and more than 300 million to Facebook every day, is certainly well aware of how interesting photos can be. Research also indicates that news articles with photos get more views than articles appearing with just text and Facebook posts with images receive well over 300% more interest than simple links. 

Photos can tell a story, create certain perceptions, deliver a specific tone, lend credibility and convey importance and urgency. If you would like to update your website or other marketing efforts with engaging and enticing images, Hosting NSB can provide you with the affordable professional photography and/or videography to make it all happen! 

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