Posts with the Most!

Did you know that the most trusted brands possess a solid social media presence? You might actually be amazed at how many hours consumers spend on social media on average each day. Research also indicates that many consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that use social media.

The beauty of social media posts is that simple, yet creative one- or two-liners can increase your visibility among potential customers with very minimal effort; but that is not nearly all. Regular social media posts can benefit your business in so many more valuable ways!

Social media enables business owners to attract attention to their company and build a base of loyal followers. That is a really big deal because about a third of all purchases are influenced by the brands that consumers follow. Additionally, approximately half of consumers say that social media posts by their friends have influenced their purchasing decisions.

Social media posts are also an easy way to provide insights, updates and other salient information about your company, and you can build trust through the consistent engagement that social media posts provide. Businesses can even improve SEO by adding content on social media and through social generated links.

Hosting NSB can help you get the most out of your posts for your business. We’ve been around quite a while, so we know things like what timing works best for event announcements, the posting frequency that is the most advantageous…basically everything to do and what not to do. To tap your company’s full profit potential through social media, contact Hosting NSB at 386-427-6457.

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