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Full color Photo Sliders
Condensed (2) locations on one website
Employee Profiles with Bios
Mobile Responsive
Hours of Operation
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Our client was referred to us by a previous client. Missy was a very nice and thorough client. She knew exactly what she wanted which is always helpful when starting the building process. Missy wanted her two locations to be listed on one website. This in itself was a bit of a challenge as both locations have a large number of employees. We felt a gorgeous slider with the photos she provided would work best to showcase her lovely salons. In order to give employee bios along with photos and positions we added accordions that open and close easily. Many clickable buttons that link back to her contact page were added through the site as well. We really enjoyed making this website for our local client. A huge thanks to Missy for all her assistance through the creation process and the best of luck.


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