Watch Out!

Heads-up! It’s time to watch out for some amazing technology on the rise due to advances made with Apple’s Smartwatch (and other similar devices). In fact, you’ll likely be surprised at the breadth and depth of what this watch can do!

Okay, so maybe we would have to have been living under a rock not to know that there are smartwatches out there which can track and measure certain things related to our health and fitness, and we can access all that information with our smartphones; but did you know that smartwatches can…

  • Increase and improve workplace production by tracking the speed of movements and through safety training
  • Warn the wearer about dangerous sound levels
  • Train people to be safer drivers
  • Detect handwashing, an increasingly coveted ability
  • Discover presence of COVID up to three days before symptoms are present
  • Measure pulse rate, so you may be prompted to drink water or alleviate stress
  • Perform an electrocardiogram simply by touching it with your finger
  • Detect changes in in gate, early enough to correct associated issues
  • Identify anemia, diabetes or intermittent dangers that your doctor may not always be able to, such as your heart beating out of rhythm, which can lead to a stroke
  • Quite frankly, smartwatches save lives just about every day and research indicates that self-tracking also increases the likelihood of connecting with other people, leading to happier people.

And if it makes you a little nervous that Apple and other companies developing similar products are so closely tied to information relating to your health, you needn’t worry. According to the CBS Sunday Morning television show, Apple has absolutely no access to any of the medical information generated by its smartwatches. All of your medical information generated by that device is encrypted.

And here’s just a little food for thought. If the 3.8 billion people using smartphones decided to access the technology provided by the smartwatch, just imagine what would be possible. You might want to “watch” yourself. Just sayin’.

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