We’re Not Just for Businesses

Websites aren’t just for business. They can be for whatever you make your business!

  • Do you have a passion you want to showcase? Websites are for everyone and everything from gardeners, to surfers, to chefs and bakers, to your child’s soccer prowess or your very adorable pet.
  • Want to give someone special a unique birthday, anniversary or any occasion gift that they will cherish? Consider a personal website!
  • Are you an artist? How would you feel about your own website displaying your canvasses in gallery-worthy fashion? In fact, Hosting NSB websites are perfect for every type of art and artisan, including pottery, quilt making, tying ties for fly fishing, woodworking and carvings. You name it and a website can be built for it!
  • Maybe you have a collection that warrants its own website…butterflies, stamps, coins, antiques, figurines…the options are endless.

And aside from affordable, full-featured personal website design, development and implementation including mobile site integration and search engine optimization, Hosting NSB also means business when it comes to reliable hosting on lightning fast servers and hometown support for secure domain name registry for everyone and that includes you! 

Plus, keep in mind that Hosting NSB also offers photography services if you would like professional digital photos for your website.

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