What’s New in Web Design

Want to gain an edge over your competition? You can do it with your website. Web design has always been about quality and engaging design and information. That’s what helps keep your marketing on a level playing field; but if you really want to wow them with your website today, you need to knock it out of the park. Some of the innovative, new trends in web design have those bases covered…

A bunch of the latest web design developments use two design fundamentals to create one novel design method. Want to fatten up your flat web pages? What’s trending lately is shading certain elements, like buttons and graphs, to attain a 3-D feel; and incorporating those into a minimalist approach. Bring your website to life with animation; use frosted glass overlays while keeping your type perfectly clear so that it pops even more; or create more lifelike web pages by saturating popular gradient colors.

Organic web design is also very popular this year, with more natural color palettes of earthy browns and greens and fluid shapes. Softer pastels are making a play as well. There are hundreds of shades, allowing you to choose those that will help set your web design apart from the rest.

Plus, you can create the illusion of movement or add floaters…the good kind. Use texture, light, contrast and interactive elements, including voice commands and shopping assistants, to add more intrigue to your web design. Hand drawings are very retro; and virtual experiences – such as redesigning rooms, changing hairstyles and applying make-up are trending. You can also increase your audience by adding vision and hearing accessibility features and making your website design more comfortable for smartphone users.

Successful web design is all about getting (and keeping) the attention of viewers. Let Hosting NSB help you take your web design to the next level.

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