What’s New in Web Technology?

If you are in business, it is essential to be aware of the top web trends to remain ahead of the curve. Here are a few of some hot trends in web tech for 2022…

First off, modern websites entertain their visitors and they do it efficiently; so web design is currently leaning toward a clean, minimalistic look coupled with the latest technology and innovations.

Then there is machine learning, which is the ability of software to improve its own performance by analyzing data, detecting patterns and making adjustments based on findings. So let’s say you manage a condo. Machine learning can customize search results for potential guests, resulting in increased bookings; or machine learning could use an advanced algorithm to determine the intent of online shoppers based on their search history…all of which can improve customer interaction, satisfaction and increase revenue.

We would be remiss without mentioning data security trends. Malicious activity is running rampant, but it is also easier to detect with artificial intelligence (AI). AI can also analyze patterns and alert us to any activity that unusually deviates from those patterns.

Additionally, since we have become a multi-experience society, our web experience needs to reflect that and translate information on all platforms, from smartphones, to smart devices in vehicles, to smart watches and more.

Web technology is constantly evolving, and there is so much amazing, innovative technology available. To learn more about the latest trends, contact the Internet marketing specialists at Hosting NSB – 386-427-6457.

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