What’s the Deal with Threads, X’s Latest Competition?

The new social media networking sibling of Instagram, Threads is a platform for real-time conversations and sharing, providing a very X-like experience. Threads is a social media app that allows for text posts up to 500 characters, which can include photos, videos up to 5 minutes and links. Users may reply to a post or post it themselves and the heart icon we have all grown oh so familiar with may be used to like it.

Threads also enables its users to share a thread to Instagram DMs, edit auto generated descriptive text before posting photos and videos, view posts within settings, sort followers by latest or earliest, choose feeds including posts from profiles followed and recommended content or limited to a chronological feed of only those followed. Threads also provides its users with automatic language translation and the availability of a suite of safety controls.

So, how does it work? You simply use your Instagram account to log in. Your Instagram username and verification will carry over with an option to customize your portfolio specifically for Threads. Those under 16 years of age within the United States and under 18 in other countries will default to a private profile. You will then be able to follow the same accounts you do on Instagram, find more people who share your interests as well as filter, block, restrict, report and unfollow replies. 

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