A Hosting NSB Case Study: Stayput Anchors

Hosting NSB is dedicated to our customers and the success of their companies. So, when our customers come to us with questions or concerns, we listen very carefully so that we can develop individually tailored business and marketing solutions that meet their specific needs. That is precisely what we did with Stayput Shallow Water Anchors. 

First, the website design professionals at Hosting NSB went on an information gathering mission, meeting with the owner of Stayput Shallow Water Anchors to go over all of his issues and the specifics associated with the project. Then, Hosting NSB used that information to develop custom-made shipping options that made ordering Stayput products easier for his customers and enabled his company to operate even more efficiently…ensuring that the client was included and pleased with our progress every step of the way.

Specifically, Hosting NSB added state-of-the-art ordering features to the Stayput Anchor website. Now, for instance, if a Stayput customer is shopping for a pole, that customer can just click on the size pole preferred and then receive the option to choose a standard rubber handle or upgrade to the Stayput Super-pole Handle and choose the color. Stayput Super-pole Handles also offer coupling and port or starboard mounting options, so those pop up as well. Plus, Stayput customers always have the option to call the helpful and knowledgeable Stayput customer service team for help with their orders.

The Hosting NSB web development specialists also renovated the Stayput Anchor website – including the addition of fresh graphics and an informative video that showcases the simple, quick Stayput Anchor installation. The new Stayput Anchor website is now even more customer-friendly, providing customers with product photos and information that is easy to navigate. 

Due to the upgrades that Hosting NSB incorporated into the Stayput website, customers can have complete confidence that their Stayput Anchor ordering experience will be simple and hassle-free. They are also assured – as always – that once they receive their order, the innovative design and quality manufacturing of Stayput Anchors will keep them securely anchored. Those are just a few of the many reasons that Stayput customers stay put as loyal customers…and why they stay put where they anchor! Hosting NSB is proud to have played an integral part in that process.

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