Newsletters Are the Perfect Way to Reach Clients

Want to tell your clients about your grand re-opening and describe all the bells and whistles that come along with it? Want your clients to know about all the new products and services that you are offering? Want customers to know about all the trends your company is setting? Newsletters do all that and more. 

Newsletters are versatile. They allow you to tell more of your story because they are a larger format that most other marketing materials. Newsletters can be a two-page flyer size, four-page bi-fold (which is most common) or even eight pages. You can create them in a digital format and place them on your website, email blast them to existing or potential clients, print and mail them for high impact or use them as a leave-behind marketing tool.

Tell your customers about your company’s growth and your new hires, highlight exceptional employees who go above and beyond to ensure that their experience with your company is a pleasant one. Are you moving to a bigger, better space? Newsletters can communicate all the details about that too!

When you provide industry updates and helpful tips for customers, newsletters will also position you as a leader in your field. Plus, newsletters can be reflective of your brand and showcase products and services in a positive light.

So shout it from the rooftops…or maybe just email or mail. Newsletters are the perfect way to reach existing clients and entice potential clients. If you would like help developing your newsletter, Hosting NSB has had years of experience writing, designing and disseminating effective, eye-catching newsletters for a diverse group of businesses.

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