Reviews and Recommendations: How to Ask for Them and Where to Get Them

What’s better than being able to tell your client base that your products or service is exceptional? That’s easy…Someone else giving you a good business review! Third party endorsements are priceless when you are in business. So how do you get them?

You can always get good business reviews and recommendations the old fashioned way, by asking your satisfied customers if they would mind providing you with one, but there are also other extremely effective ways to generate tons of great reviews.

How would you feel if you could automatically prompt your customers to give you a good review or recommendation, then those reviews and recommendations were automatically posted and shared across all social media platforms? You would most likely automatically feel pretty darn skippy!

There is software that also helps you respond to your reviews and engage your clients in conversation. Plus, keep in mind that, aside from the obvious, good reviews are good for so many things. They can improve your Google ranking; they can make your website more powerful; and they can be used in your marketing materials and pitches. You can even enhance your reviews with photos, comments and tags to make the most of them. Plus, your reviews can also be monitored on your behalf.

The end result of all that is that top-rated businesses are able to get more sales, experience more growth, retain more customers and make more money on their goods and services. Now that should get a rave review!

If you would like help acquiring excellent reviews and recommendations for your business, Hosting NSB would be happy to make it our business. Just call 386-427-6457.


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