When Clients and Web Designers Don’t See Eye to Eye

What happens when clients and web designers don’t see eye to eye?

Let me lead by saying that the customer is always right…always. Customers also know their company better than anyone, and they often have their own vision.

That being said, people come to extraordinary web designers for good reason…their knowledge, experience and expertise; and although customers know their product and service like no other, web designers know web design better than anyone as well.

Art and content can be extremely subjective, but there is a way to present those items to elicit better results. For instance:

  • You may like the color combination of blue and purple, but a web designer worth his or her salt knows that blue type on a purple background can be difficult to read. You need contrast for great readability.
  • You may be old school and prefer your website written and presented that way, but when a large portion of your target audience is a bit more hip, you may have to jazz up your vision a smidge.
  • There may be a great visual effect you want to include, but your web designer advises against it because if you include it, your website would take far too long to download.

Never fear! With exceptional web designers like those at Hosting NSB, you can have the best of both worlds. We will figure out a way to work within your color scheme AND make your site easy to read. If you want an old school presentation, but you’re trying to reach a younger audience, we can create a website that pleases your sensibilities AND entices a younger crowd. If the web eye candy you desire is cumbersome, we can reconfigure it in a way that will satisfy you AND make your site customer friendly and easy to navigate…and that is just the beginning of what we can do.

Why not have your cake and eat it too? For more information about web design or a complimentary website consultation, contact Hosting NSB.