Affordable Targeted Marketing

As business owners, how do we employ the best and most affordable marketing tactics to increase our bottom line? One very important element of affordable marketing is knowing your customer – from their shopping habits, to their likes and dislikes and, very often, facts such as their geographic location. All of the purchasing information you can glean about your clients can provide tremendous insight into the best and most cost-effective way to market to them.

Typically, the most effective and inexpensive marketing tool to target potential customers and adeptly retain an existing customer base is online marketing, and there are a variety of extremely effective marketing weapons within the online marketing arsenal, including:

An enticing, customer- and mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate website with tons of customer benefit to beguile customers into visiting your site, spending more time on your site than they would on a competitor’s site and, ultimately, making a purchase;

Social media engagement which accurately pinpoints and speaks to your target audience’s needs and desires. For instance, if your beachfront restaurant offers happy hour specials, are your social media posts reaching the locals who would love a half-price mango margarita while they enjoy some appetizers and a waterfront view?

And for a one-two-three punch that really packs a wallop – search engine optimization helps to ensure that your service or product gets in front of the right people. For example, does your local restaurant’s website lead the pack when someone types in New Smyrna Beach restaurants? It should.

You may also want to consider adding another very effective online advertising tool to the mix. Pay-per-click online advertising efficiently targets potential customers and eliminates wasted advertising dollars by only charging you for the leads generated by only those interested enough to click on your ad.

These are challenging times for business owners and one of the best ways to stand head and shoulders above the fray is to make certain that your marketing is as targeted as it can be. The more your marketing is effectively targeted, the more affordable it becomes and the more customers walk through your door (or purchase from you online)…another unbeatable win-win-win!

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