Social Media Behavior

Ever notice that people’s behavior when they are on social media tends to differ from their typical social behavior? Experts say there are several reasons people can have a tendency to act differently on social media:

One is something referred to as the Online Disinhibition Effect which, in essence, boils down to the fact that sitting behind a screen as opposed to interacting face-to-face tends to lower inhibitions. This, in turn, can lead to more straightforward dialog, which can be more open or just plain meaner. Whether this lack of inhibition occurs in a positive or negative fashion, online research experts believe it can be attributed to a variety of factors that make social media users feel safer and emboldened. 

Because the world can seem so distant while interacting on social media, people can develop feelings of anonymity and a lack of authority and judgment, presenting them with a sense of license and entitlement to act any way they wish. 

Additionally, social media can be seen as a place that people can vent without reprisal, and once others agree with their opinions or they experience other types of accolades for their online interaction, people can become even more confident and outspoken. 

Another thought is that there is a desire to protect the positive persona people create for themselves online.

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