Artificial Intelligence in School

We’ve been hearing so much about artificial intelligence lately, from how it helps expedite our Amazon orders, to why we should be wary of the dangers it may pose to our children. Have you wondered how AI is affecting our schools? Let’s take a glance at how students and teachers are dealing with AI…

There are both challenges as well as benefits associated with the use of AI in school, whether high school or college. Teachers and professors are attempting to exploit the positives while protecting against possible detriments. 

The major concern is that plagiarism will be much simpler for students; and, according to Spectrum News, teachers and professors are finding it necessary to get to know their students better than ever before so that they may determine a baseline. There are also more times where an oral defense of a student’s written work may become necessary.

One very positive use of AI in the classroom is class preparation. Students may be asked to research topics prior to class resulting in more fruitful class discussions. AI is also a very helpful research tool for students as well as teachers.

The bottom line here seems to be, as with most things in life, that there are both positives and potential pitfalls associated with AI. We just have to learn how to use the positives to our advantage and keep the negatives at a minimum.


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