Facebook Selling

Want to be able to successfully compete with the “big boys” in business and do it affordably? How does no storefront or cumbersome inventory to keep in stock sound? What about streamlining your marketing efforts so that you get in front of exactly the right customers out of the gate and an easy way to keep your sales and advertising content fresh and interactive?

Social media, with over a billion monthly users, is one of today’s most powerful selling tools and Facebook is certainly a tremendous social media platform to choose when setting up your social media selling plan.

The Facebook Marketplace, an upward spiraling digital trend that is taking the business world by a storm, is certainly an incredible way for business owners to get their message out there. It’s a place where you can pre-qualify leads by location, age and interests to boost sales…a place where customers can easily browse and purchase your products or services…and a place where updates don’t cost an exorbitant amount because it provides such a targeted advertising approach.

You can also use Facebook to convert comments to sales, turning photos, multi-photo posts or videos into purchases. You can hold “watch parties” and “premieres” to generate even more interest and keep customers up to date with automatic messaging. You can also make your business efforts more engaging by increasing customer contact with automatic replies that are pre-set with conversational messages, as well as creating a schedule for advanced post placement. 

It all sounds amazing, right? If you want to drive more traffic of the right sort to your business, Hosting NSB can help craft, facilitate and maintain a Facebook digital marketing program specifically for you.

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