What Goes Into Facebook Ad Creation?

Are you interested in creating a successful Facebook ad campaign? You’ll want to pay particular attention to the “three Cs” for your Facebook ad success…creative, copy and cost. 

First you want to knock your creative out of the park. Make it a colorful attention grabber. This is the most important step because if your target consumer doesn’t stop and look, you’ve lost the game before you even got out of the dugout. It all boils down to the fact that with no clicks you get no conversion. Make sure your graphics and photos hit a homerun and you’re making sure you’ve got a game changing Facebook ad.

Second, you need strong copy. Your message needs to be highly visible, succinct and memorable. Ask yourself if your ad includes solid customer benefit that commands attention.

If your first two Cs are compelling, your cost per click ratio will be too, providing you with excellent return on your Facebook advertising investment.

Format also comes into play with Facebook advertising. Think about your presentation. Do you want a single, hard-hitting image or video or would your product be better served by a continuous loop or a scrollable slideshow with several images. Some products or services simply can’t be given advertising justice with a limited message or graphics. Don’t despair! You can also combine graphic, photos and videos to tell the bigger story.

You’ll also need to decide whether or not you want your Facebook advertising to be newsfeed advertising which appears alongside posts. This can be a little more expensive, but with it you can reach both desktop and mobile users. Right column Facebook ads look more like traditional ads and cost less, but they don’t reach mobile users. Using both in combination is a nice one-two punch.

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