Hometown Social Media Blogs

Hometown Social Media Blogs

| Because we live in a small town our professional occupational philosophy is homey and caring. We’re concerned about each of our clients so much so that when we write their blogs we get to the soul of their businesses.

One of our clients is a moving company and it’s surprising how much a customer needs to know when relocating. Our blog for their enterprise included where to find moving supplies, how to parcel up boxes that aren’t too heavy to move and especially how to avoid poor packaging which is the common cause for breakage. The staff of the relocation commerce are our friends and we wish them a thriving industry.

Another blog Hosting NSB recently produced was for our comrades who sell golf carts. We did a history of golf carts that was quite interesting. The first golf cart was a 1932 homemade cart and it became popular for people with handicaps. Today they are not just used for golf. The villages in Florida use 50,000 cars to get around enabling the hometown villages in Florida to become close communities.

We’ve blogged about a great white vacuum that cleans the sides and bottom of residential swimming pools. It crawls around on its own while the owners bask in the sun.

Our very good friends at a popular condo resort have gleefully helped us witness the blue of a cloudless sky as they explained what fun things there are to do during the day and evening at this resort. From morning coffee on a lovely private balcony to nightcaps on the same balcony, the resort staff has walked us through a fun day in the life of their renters.

Most of the talk Hosting NSB and our clients engage in a talk between two or among a few people. Hosting has learned what’s at the heart of our clients’ enterprises and we have the invisible process of conversational style that shapes lasting and close relationships, making it possible to relax our clients and give them the confidence and certainty that we have their best interest in our hearts.