How’s Your Mobile Website?

Everything moves fast today. We do too, running from school pick-ups to soccer games, whipping up dinner in five minutes…It can even seem as if we rush to fit in our down time. In a society that is ready to go at a moment’s notice and delivers as well as expects immediate response, if you are in business, it is imperative to comply or – let’s face it – you will be working at a deficit.

We all shop online today and research indicates that over 50 percent of that shopping is done via mobile phone. So, how is your mobile website? 

  • Does your website translate well from platform to platform, shrinking down perfectly from a desktop screen to a laptop screen, to an iPad, a cell phone, and even to fit any browser screen?
  • Is there enough space between the buttons so that when it shrinks to a mobile platform, your website visitors don’t struggle to click the right one?
  • Are the text blocks small enough and broken up adequately enough so that they don’t become too overwhelming to read on a smaller format like a cellphone?
  • Do the items that run horizontally across your desktop screen transform into a single side bar when converted for mobile use? Is your most vital information displayed prominently so that it is easy to find on any platform?
  • If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, leaves visitors pinching and expanding to the point of frustration or the bells and whistles (like pop-ups and complicated graphics) on your website don’t stack properly within mobile platforms, the cold hard truth is that those would-be website visitors simply won’t be. 
  • Mobile friendliness is also an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO). Did you know that in an effort to create positive mobile experiences, not only do search engines take loading time into consideration for ranking purposes, but they actually grade your mobile approach?

It sounds like a lot and the grim news is that items above only skim the surface of this topic, but don’t let it worry you. Hosting NSB can help you provide an adaptive web design that delivers the best possible experience for all your website visitors.

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