Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

While each aspires to the same goal and both possess their merits, online marketing and traditional marketing are very different approaches…

In the age where Smartphones reign supreme, it is no secret that most of the world is online researching and purchasing products in considerable quantities. Businesses would be deficit without an online presence and those who further foster their online marketing efforts with social media, online ads and various aspects of search engine optimization are certainly better for it. 

Online marketing is targeted, measurable and cost-effective. It can successfully cultivate new business and retain existing customers, as well as assess behavior patterns of potential customers, improve communication and build a solid brand.


However, traditional marketing still holds a well-deserved place at the table. The benefits of building relationships through grass roots and face-to-face marketing have always been and will continue to be unsurpassed. Customers can still be effectively reached through the mail, with enticing signage and captivating leave-behind marketing materials for every business in every industry. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, you know that even your menu (both in-house and take-away) can be used as a valuable marketing tool.


The sweeping brush explanation is that a melding of both online and traditional marketing approaches work best in many instances. For more details and help formulating a marketing mix that will maximize your marketing dollar, call 386-427-6457 to reach Hosting NSB, specialists in all aspects of marketing.

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