Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Okay, let’s tell the truth and shame the devil, as Nana used to say. Traditional marketing can pack a punch when it is used adeptly. Billboards with catchy, concise copy will reach out and grab you; print ads with vibrant colors and images can jump off the page; and television and radio ads may have you tapping your toes to jingles you can’t seem to forget…all effectively creating brand awareness and, ultimately, increasing business and profits.

However, in a day and age when buying, or at least the research for buying, is largely done online, perceptive business owners recognize the exceptional value of online marketing; and whether you add it to your proven traditional marketing methods or you use it on its own, you certainly don’t want to leave online marketing off the promotional table.  

As opposed to fishing for customers by casting a wide net, online marketing can furnish a harpoon approach, pinpointing customers with uncanny accuracy. All you have to do is decide how you want to target your potential clients – via geography, sex, age or buying preferences, for example. The world of customers is virtually your oyster when you use an online approach to marketing. 

And then there is the whole cost dynamic. Since online marketing can be such a targeted tactic, you utilize your marketing dollar extremely effectively, eliminating most, if not all waste. You’re not paying to reach a ton of people, when only one might actually be interested in your product. You are actually reaching those people who already have a predisposition toward your product or service. Additionally, since it provides digital results, online marketing can be less labor intensive and, therefore, less expensive.

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